The Company

"JANASAMRUDDHI Is a mutual benefit Company carrying on the business of a non-banking financial institution? Mutual Benefit Companies are Incorporated Under Indian Companies Act, 2013.".

It is a non banking financial company doing the business of lending and borrowing with Its members or shareholders. The government has set up law for the Security of the deposit in the Company to which the cradle is legally necessary.

To encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, savings habits and to Render all financial assistance to its members only by receiving long and short term Deposits and in particular recurring deposit, fixed deposit and other deposits, not Being current accounts from the members as are allowed by law for Mutual Benefit.

In JANASAMRUDDHI you can trust your dreams turning in to reality and living them by investing wisely. In order to help yours dream realized we are continuously trying to grow overselves and make presence felt even beyond geographical boundaries.

I hope we are committed for growth of our society and our members to you by rendering our best services.